Excellent public service for quality service delivery and adherence to good governance principles


To provide policy direction in public service management and development, through advice on appropriate organizational structures, initiating and coordinating human resource management reforms, enhancing transparency, accountability, adherence to human rights and the use of ICT to improve service delivery for sustainable socio-economic development.


  • Pursuit of excellence in service
  • Loyalty to government
  • Impartiality in rendering service
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Adherence to Professionalism
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Team spirit and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Staff Welfare
  • Results - Oriented
  • Participation in decision making


  1. To issue strategic guidelines on the management and performance of the Public Service that includes introducing use of new management and performance techniques in different areas of public service.
  2. To manage comprehensive Public Service Reforms To assess existing human resource capacity in order to identify gaps of human resource in the Public Service.
  3. Formulate and administer enforcement of different policies, laws and regulations on the management of Labour and public service and assist in their performance.
  4. To issue leadership and professional services on issues of public service
  5. To clarify guidelines and results on issues of different allowances, employment and other entitlements to public servants
  6. Preserve archives and public historical records for national heritage
  7. To supervise employment in private sector,
  8. To forge relationship between workers, employers and Government.
  9. To supervise adherence of labour laws and regulation in public and private sectors,
  10. To monitor execution of international conventions and recommendations on labour and employment ,
  11. To register and improve employers’ and workers’ association,
  12. To Strengthen Labour disputes resolution
  13. To conduct Labour and Occupational Safety and Health inspections
  14. To take a leading role in the fighting against Child Labour
  15. To manage development and application of ICT in Public Service and
  16. To collect and disseminate data on employment opportunities (local and international).
Composition/Structure of the Ministry
The PO-LPS current structure comprises of the following:-
  1. Department of Planning,Policy and research
  2. Department of Administration and Human Resources
  3. Commission of Labour
  4. Department of Employment
  5. Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health
  6. Department of Human Resource Planning
  7. Department of Structures and Human resource Compensation
  8. Department of Training and Human Resource Development
  9. Pemba Head Office

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