The President's Office, Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance (PO-CLAPSGG) consists of nine (9) Departments headed by Directors under the Principal Secretary and fourteen (14) institutions established by their respective legislations. The institutions that fall under the office are as follows:-
i. The Judiciary;
ii. The Office of the Attorney General;
iii. The Office of the Director of the Public Prosecution;
iv. The Law Review Commission;
v. The Office of the Controller and Auditor General;
vi. Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Authority;
vii. The Public Service Commission;
viii. The Civil Service Commission;
ix. The Commission for Wakfu and Trust Property;
x. The Public Leaders Ethic Commission;
xi. The Office of the Grand Mufti;
xii. The e-Government Agency;
xiii. The Law School of Zanzibar; and
xiv. The Institute of Public Administration.
Apart from these institutions, there are some Departments that falls under the Ministry namely, Department of Planning, Policy and Research; Department of Administration and Human Resources Management; Department of Institutional Structures, Compensation and Public Service; Department of Human Resource Planning and Development; Department of Good Governance; Department of Constitutional Affairs and Legal Aid; and Head Office Pemba.

The purpose of this Strategic Plan is as follows: -
The purpose of the plan is to provide a roadmap of the Ministry that will ensure all Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance initiatives are adequately coordinated and managed and enhance the value of e-Government services within the Government and the public.
Moreover, the plan is the basis for the Ministry’s Annual Plan and Budget, procurement plan and long-term monitoring and evaluation framework.
It will also enable the Ministry to achieve its goal of providing a mechanism for coordinating, advising, spearheading and strengthening e-Government initiatives for value added service delivery in the public sector and access to justice in Zanzibar.