Statement by the Minister

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The President’s Office Labour and Public Service is relatively a new Office established after the rearrangement of some Government Ministries which lead to the formulation of the Office in August 2013. Among the main functions of the Office are to coordinate performance of the Public servants in serving the public, continue playing its core role of coordinating the implementation of the labour laws, employment policy youth employment action plan, job creation program. This is in line with the Zanzibar Vision 2020 and the second generation of the Zanzibar Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (ZSGRP II), popularly known as MKUZA II in its Kiswahili acronym which affirm the responsibility of the Office to boost economic development and social welfare in the Country.

In discharging these responsibilities the Office will ensure the principles of transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, legitimacy and predictability are well known and observed from the upper to the lower level of the society. (results oriented)The Ministry, in the spirit of the Vision 2020 and ZGSRP II, recognises the importance of having a Strategic Plan that is in line with the on-going national frameworks. This Strategic Plan focuses on providing policy direction in labour and public service management and development, advises on appropriate measures in ensuring, coordinates human resource management, the use of ICT at all levels of government and improved service delivery for sustainable socio-economic development.

The Office, therefore, will work hard to achieve the set objectives.


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